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Vaun, 8:
Last Supper / Song of Datu Lubay / Vaun: Poems submitted to the Albany Poetry Worshop. Check this site, too.
Poems in English: Includes poems dedicated to my friends Jasper & John, to Isabel Allende, and to Evelio B. Javier and the Antiqueños
Mga Kanta kang Pagbiya: Departures & Longings: Poems in Kinaray-a selected from "Dandansoy: Mga kanta kang pagbiya kag iban pa nga panghayhay" (Songs of Leaving & Other Sighs), a collection of Kinaray-a poetry awarded a CCP Grant in 1992

About Myself & My Page

I am a writer & theater artist. The poems, which you will find in my homepage are in English, Filipino and Kinaray-a. Kinaray-a is the language we speak in Antique, that's in Panay Island, Philippines. If you want to know where that is, I've provided a link to a site which will give you enough information on Antique. I am trying to make a selection of my poems for publication. Though I came from Antique, I work in Pasig City, Metro Manila, and I live in off-metropolis Rizal province. That's quite a lot of places to think about, but perhaps they're not as important as my poetry. I hope you enjoy my page.

Know More About Antique & Its People

About Antique: People & Places: My hope province has an interesting history, and beautiful sights if you are traveling; the people are friendly
Greet the Antiqueños: Say hello to your friends in Antique, or meet new friends. Just click here.
Anitqueño Cuisine: An essay on local dishes I cannot forget
The Tabig Writers of Antique: Learn how a group of young Kinaray-a writers worked together to preserve the language of the province, and revive writing in Kinaray-a
The Antique Arts Scene: News, people and events in Antique, especially artists and art activities.

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